into */*/*/

into */*/*/
weak [ˈɪntə] , weak [ˈɪntʊ] , strong [ˈɪntuː]
1) moving to the inside moving from the outside to the inside of a place or container
She got into her car and drove away.[/ex]
Hundreds of athletes marched into the stadium for the opening ceremony.[/ex]
He put his hands into his pockets.[/ex]
2) towards sth used for stating the direction in which someone or something looks, faces, or points
She was gazing into the mirror.[/ex]
Please speak into the microphone.[/ex]
3) hitting sth moving towards something and hitting it
Their car had crashed into a tree.[/ex]
He was so angry he slammed his fist into the wall.[/ex]
4) changing to sth used for stating the result of a change from one thing to another
Jemma had grown into a beautiful woman.[/ex]
The dispute turned into a major battle.[/ex]
Roll the dough into a ball.[/ex]
She fell into a deep sleep.[/ex]
Her stories have been translated into more than 30 languages.[/ex]
5) starting to be involved in sth used for saying that someone becomes involved in an activity or situation, or becomes part of a group
Ted is trying to get into the financial industry (= get a job in it).[/ex]
She always manages to get into trouble.[/ex]
He went into the army when he left school.[/ex]
6) finding out about sth used for saying what you are trying to find out about
I promise to look into the matter.[/ex]
7) interested in sth informal
used for saying what activity or subject someone is interested in and enjoys
I'm into yoga and things like that.[/ex]

Dictionary for writing and speaking English. 2014.

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